Icelander Runar Ingi started his directing career at the age of thirteen by making short films inspired by Tupac and American hip-hop feuds — set in his suburban Reykjavik neighborhood. 

    His first work was for a commercial production company, where he snatched film ends and shot music videos for local artists on the side, picking up an EDDA (The Icelandic Film Awards) for Best Short film from a young director.

    He finally got his first break at directing commercials when he shot a Nike ad featuring the inspiring triathlon athlete, Sarah Reinertsen. Runar has since directed visual and character driven commercials for top brands – picking up awards in Iceland and featured in several industry-standard mediums. Since signing with Caviar, he's directed content for brands such as Samsung, Ketel One, Land Rover, and Volo just to name a few.

    Runar Ingi currently lives in Stockholm, appreciates good wine and still loves the music of Tupac.