Carlos Luque began work as a portrait photographer in 2007. This led to his work being published in Rolling Stone and Vogue Italia some time later. His work particularly emphasized control over lighting and beauty codes.

    Gifted for action movement, he has a great eye for identifying the “belle moment” - elevating any everyday life scenes as a romantic encounter and focusing on emotions through details. Luque uses quick, natural narratives to give a clear, personal, and optimistic point-of-view in his projects. His innate and talented handling of spontaneous moments make for a particular agile rhythm in his edits. Furthermore, Carlos thinks sound is a key ingredient in his aesthetics and charmed universes. He cares for each performance, and imprints special polished atmospheres in the arena.  

    Carlos continues working as a lifestyle and architecture photographer, and is always interested in collaborations with other artists, while empowering experimental and sustainable ideas. He describes his work as “Life, style & stories.”