Ivan is known for pushing the boundaries of storytelling with a revolutionary approach to any project, creating unique and memorable commercials, international and unforgettable branding campaigns, award winning short films, and compelling imagery for theatre and LIVE shows.

    His visual effects expertise, acquired while working in London as a VFX compositor at Double Negative, 3 times Academy Award Winner for Best Visual Effects, provides a one of a kind perfect marriage of technology and storytelling.

    When working on a project, Ivan is involved on all aspects, from the initial concept to the development of original ideas, treatment, post-production, music and beyond. He is also very engaged with production aspects, knowledgeable of the importance of working hand in hand to maximize time and resources.

    Directing commercials all over the world has given Ivan the opportunity to experience and get to know many different cultures. Passionate about his work and driven to create new ways to capture ideas in film, Ivan possesses the rare gift of knowing how to connect with audiences at all levels.