Born in Manchester, Johnny fancied becoming a pro boxer until an odd job sweeping the stage at Hampstead Theater brought him close to giants of the stage at work — Arthur Miller, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney — resulting in a flash of inspiration and an abrupt change of course. Enthralled by performance, storytelling and stage craft, he studied theater design at Birmingham Polytechnic and earned a Masters at the Slade School of Art before launching into his first career as a leading Production Designer, collaborating with top directors including the legendary Frank Budgen. In 2005, Johnny stumbled upon a blurb in The Guardian about a Mongolian wolf hunter who was the captain of the Ulaanbaatar ice speedway club. Compelled to find him, he documented his solo journey through Siberia in what became the documentary short NYMKA’S DREAM. The striking originality of his vision launched him straight to the top of what become his second career as an influential commercial director. His first ad, the iconic AUDI Satellite, earned him Best Director at the British Arrows. A masterful storyteller known for him singular visual style, meticulous craft, dogged work ethic and empathetic connection to actors, Johnny’s helmed iconic campaigns for global brands including Sony, Honda, Mercedes, Hennessy, Audi, Nike and Volvo. His grounded Northern sensibility brings out nuanced performances in actors Josh Brolin, Penelope Cruz and Gary Oldman, artists Misty Copeland, St. Vincent and Gary Clark, Jr., sports figures Manny Pacquiao, LeBron James, Neymar and Lionel Messi, and the non-professional men, women and children he finds street casting. While his directing work has earned an armful of Lions, Pencils, Clios and more, he doesn’t keep count. Johnny’s passion is simply creating work with heart that works hard for clients and touches the viewer. Johnny still boxes, and can be found at the Wild Card every morning at 5 AM. He’s involved with homeless organizations and is currently developing a short about a boxer and a dentist.