Funnily enough Trevor moved his first steps in the spotlight on stage as a successful stand up comedian in South Africa. In the first of the many lives he has already lived he even shared a bill with Eddie Izzard at the comedy Store in London. Following film school Trevor began a fruitful collaboration with MTV Europe with the “Crazy Monkey” spots that turned out to garner quite a cult following in the UK and Canada. A wrestler in Canada named himself Trevor Clarence after yours truly. Trevor swears it’s a rue story. 

    The success of Crazy Monkey launched Trevor as a commercials director in SA and was quickly followed by industry recognition. Shots magazine profiled Trevor as one of the top five people in advertising in South Africa. After a brief stint in Sweden Trevor moved back to his native country and started his own successful production company called Your Girlfriend with producer Linda Bogle. Currently residing in Sidney, Trevor has shot commercials and global campaigns and has worked for advertising agencies in Australia, South Africa, France, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Singapore, Belgium, Malaysia and Vietnam.