Introducing the world's first wearable mobile phone for kids

Norwegian entrepreneur Sten Kirkbak lost his 3 year old son Filip in a crowded mall for 30 minutes. Half an hour may not seem so long, but to Sten it felt like a lifetime. He knew he had to find a way to prevent this from happening again so he created FiLiP, a wearable smart locator for kids. Contrary to other locators, FiLiP is not solely made for monitoring your child. It’s created to give children the freedom they need to explore, discover and be kids. FiLiP’s team worked with Leo Burnett in New York to launch a campaign that would bring this wonderful brand promise to life. The Best Day Ever was born.

We were approached to create a fully integrated interactive experience, combining live action with digital interaction across all platforms. We took advantage of the product’s great features to showcase them on a smooth desktop version, an über-responsive mobile platform and inside a second screen experience that enabled users to try the product firsthand while watching Rylee (the cutest 6-year old you can think of) embark on her Best Day Ever adventure in New York City. When users visited the platform, they were prompted to connect their mobile device to the interactive movie. Once the link was established, they were able to engage with a customized map of Rylee’s journey across Manhattan and become part of the story by taking the role of Rylee’s dad on their own device. The cooperation with Google enabled us to leverage their maps and store locator features to enrich the overall experience. Users were enticed to explore hotspots, set safe zones, discover all the FiLIP features with Rylee during her trip, and send her personalized messages. This allowed the online audience to see what it’s like to interact with their kids through FiLiP.

The experience we created is highly responsive, adjusting to desktops, tablets and smartphones in a fluent and uncompromising way. Together with the live action department, we translated the campaign story into an engaging journey that is playful, functional and beautifully interactive. We are looking forward to creating the next episode.