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Connie & Clyde 2

TV Series

Guy Goossens


Things go from bad to worse for love guru Connie Coninx in the second season of the comedy Connie & Clyde. Still reeling from the painful breakup with her philandering husband Hans, Connie is just trying to keep herself together, much less her matchmaking agency. Meanwhile, psychologist Pol is finding life outside the closet just as challenging as in, as his relationship with boyfriend Lieven gets rocky. Clueless detective Pascal moves in with consultant Peggy and the usually fortunate Vincent faces a string of bad luck. Will Connie and Hans reconcile? Will Pascal manage to hold on to Peggy? Will Vincent turn things around? Will Pol go back in the closet? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


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    Release date
  • Crew

    Guy Goossens
    Christophe Toulemonde
    Malin-Sarah Gozin
    Bert Scholiers
    Nele Meirhaeghe
    Roel Mondelaers
    Benjamin Sprengers
    Wim Reygaert
    Raf Reyntjens
    Bart Vaessen
    Deben Van Dam
    Gerrie Van Rompuy
    Jan Schuermans
    Jessie De Leeuw
    Kevin Meul
    Steve De Wilde
    Wannes Destoop
    Daniel Lambo
  • Cast

    • Eva Van der Gucht
    • Nathalie Meskens
    • Axel Daeseleire
    • Stefaan Degand
    • Ben Segers
    • Tom Audenaert
    • Bert Huysentruyt