• Digital



An interactive documentary for mobile and desktop

Creative couples

‘Lovesick: Converse Couples’ is a digital project we created for Anomaly New York. Launched on the influential NOWNESS channel on Valentine’s Day, it dramatizes the tension and connection between creative couples, based on the notion that one plus one is more than two. This split-screen experience allows the viewer to swipe between two corresponding scenes constantly and intuitively covering and uncovering additional content, alternate views of the scene or simply switch between one of the characters of a couple to the other. It’s an authentic view into the lifes of dancers, drag queens, graffiti artists, musicians and stylists, and their relationships with people who share their respective crafts. This digital experience is created for desktop as well as mobile devices, allowing the user to touch and explore the stories on their smartphone without any compromise in terms of functionality.



Live action: Aspekt

Directors: Marcus Linnér and Daniel de Viciola

Launched on Nowness