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Monty and the Street Party – International Trailer

By – Anders Morgenthaler, Mikael Wulff


MONTY AND THE STREET PARTY is the story about Monty, the happiest boy in the world. He lives with his parents in an idyllic residential area populated with crooked types such as the inventor Henrik Skovlykke, the quintuplets Allan, Allan, Allan, Allan and Allan, the cat ladies Tove & Karen, a few nuns who always walk around on stilts and the notorious Weirdo. Monty's happiness ends abruptly when he discovers that his mother has fallen in love with the irresistible crossfit trainer Pierre, and is leaving Monty and his father. Monty decides to do everything he can to bring his parents back together at the forthcoming annual street party.


Anders Morgenthaler
Mikael Wulff


Julie Lind-Holm Hansen
Jonas Bagger
Robin Kerremans
Dimitri Verbeeck


Jens Jacob Tychsen
Iben Hjejle
Nikolaj Kopernikus
Mia Lyhne
Mick Øgendahl
Jan Gintberg

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