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Sidney Van Wichelen

Sidney Van Wichelen

Sidney Van Wichelen is an award-winning director. In 2022 he got ranked 3rd director of the year at Cannes Lions. 

His film ‘Break Away’ won 2 Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and a host of other awards including D&DA award and The One Show.

By identifying the right approach for each narrative, Sidney shapes every story into a unique film.

Embracing the energy surrounding him and channeling it into creating vibrant films he excels in expressing his characters’ feelings and creating emotion using a strong narrative thread.

Sidney depicts human comedy to serve the brands‘ best interest and leave a lasting impression in the viewers’ mind. Sidney’s films are both funny and sensitive, he treats his advertising spots like short films, using very cinematic shots and a strong sense of narration.

Defined by his hands-on approach, he explores every option and gets the most out of each opportunity.

Sidney’s past life as an advertising creative helped him appreciate the true value of ideas and how they are just as important as good aesthetics when it comes to outstanding and clear communication.