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Lainey Richardson

Lainey Richardson

Lainey Richardson is an award-winning British director and screenwriter of mixed Ghanaian and Jamaican heritage, hailing from Camden Town. She joined Caviar’s roster in 2020 and in a very short amount of time has amassed a sensational body of work for clients such as Adidas, Adobe, Facebook and Football Beyond Borders.

Culture is at the heart of everything Lainey does. From exploring local histories to amplifying othered voices, Lainey approaches her work with a unique sensibility and point of view—bringing mainstream appeal to lesser-known narratives told through a contemporary lens.

Lainey’s distinctive voice and innate ability to connect with people leads to powerful performances on screen, and has earned her high profile awards including a Silver at British Arrows 2022, Gold at Ciclope International Festival of Craft 2021, Best Up & Coming Director at Creative Circle 2021 and being shortlisted for Best New Director at Shots 2021 & Best New Director at Cannes YDA 2021.

Lainey is currently writing the pilot for her first comedy TV series.