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Bram Van Riet

Bram Van Riet

Belgian born, multi-lingual and multi-talented, Bram hails from the city of Antwerp.

Always in the presence of visionary expression in the home, Bram had exposure to an eclectic mix of inspiration and conversation. Inspiration struck while working as a film projectionist and his passion for 8mm film and photography was cemented. Eager and driven, Bram tapped into his own creative talents and explored the realm of possibilities with film and photography.

His formal journey brought him to Brussels’ LUCA School of Arts. There he was scouted for his dynamic storytelling, innovative technique and ability to connect creatively with people to execute diverse content.

Having established himself as a globally recognized directorial talent, Bram has gone on to win awards and accolades for his work for Belgian Olympic Committee, Ikea, Belgacom, LG, Bounty, Honda and Acura among others.

His films are driven by a very sensitive and humanistic storytelling, elegantly crafted through a film aesthetic that feels intuitive and intimate. Bram flourishes when working on set with a diverse group of talent and eliciting candid and nuanced performances from them. His work ranges from the emotional to the joyous, while always looking for human dignity and candor.